Telofill Coconut Island Body Lotion

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Dive deep into the moisturizing essence of Telofill Coconut Island Body Lotion. Infused with Sulfora White to lighten & Vitamin E to hydrate the skin. Enjoy the creamy, exotic aroma of coconut that feels like tropical bliss and golden beaches combined together.  Suitable for those with sensitive skin as it does not contain any synthetic fragrance. Enjoy a lighter, softer & dark-spot free complexion with Telofill Body Lotion.

Size : 250 ML

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Apply Telofill Coconut Island Body Lotion onto the body and massage in gentle, light circular motion. Make sure to apply well on all surface dry areas of the body.
Usage tip: Always moisturize right after you shower, it gives your skin the maximum hydration effect.

5 reviews for Telofill Coconut Island Body Lotion

  1. Yara

    This lotion is the bomb! It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.👌🏽

  2. Hanaa

    عجبنى جدا بيرطب الجسم ومش بيسيب اثر التلزيق ده وريحته جميله جدااا👌🏽 وحلو للاستخدام اليومي

  3. Reem

    جميل جدا و بيرطب كويس اوى و ريحته تحفه

  4. Amira hassanein

    جربته و بجد جميل جدا تركيبه حلو و امتصاصه سريع و ريحته هادئة عجبتنى كمان ال package

  5. Nour Ehab

    I lovee love loovvedd this lotion it’s lightweight, Moisturizes well, and has a very nice coconut smell.

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