Telofill Facial Moisturizing Gel

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Telofill Facial Moisturizing Gel with ceramides AP and Retinoids provides hydrocare by linking mechanism and augments collagen production while hydrating the skin and controlling oil production. The formula is delicate to the skin to reduce signs of irritated skin and rosacea and also reduce dryness. It is suitable for dry to oil skin.

Size : 50 GM

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Gently massage thin layer of Telofill Facial Moisturizing Gel on clean skin used from (1-2) times a day.

16 reviews for Telofill Facial Moisturizing Gel

  1. Mariem

    The best thing I have ever purchased! Please restock

  2. Laila Hamed

    Tohfa tohfa tohfa
    100% would buy again

  3. Nayera

    Perfect for sensitive, acne-prone skin and gives an amazing glow

  4. Hanna

    Love it…Used it before my makeup and it made my makeup go on flawlessly and last so much more than usual

  5. نهلة

    بجد من احلى الحاجات اللي جبتها من فترة طويلة المنتج بيعد معايا كتير اوي و بجد بيخلي بشرتي
    ناعمة و مترطبة اوي اوي

  6. Eman

    This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever tried in my entire life. I’m not exaggerating because it’s perfect on the skin, not so light and not so thick; it gives the perfect glowy, healthy, and moisturizered looking skin. I have tried so many high-end brands, and I must say that Telofill is better than them quality, quantity, and price wise. This brand is so underrated and deserves much recognition. I’m so excited to try each single product of theirs.

  7. Noha

    Perfect perfect perfect!
    Skin absorbs it really quickly with no irritation at all!

  8. Aya (verified owner)

    Love love love as acne prone oily skin and it’s a definite repurchase for me .. was waiting for couple of month to write the review so I could give it a try 1st and tbh it’s one the best moisturiser out there

  9. Yomna

    I’ve been using this moisturizer for about 10 months and have noticed improvement in my skin texture. My skin absorbes it quickly and it doesn’t leave a greasy finish. Totally recommend this ❤️

  10. Alaa

    Wla 8alta bgd perfecto👌🏻

  11. Mariam Hossam (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the moisturizer begad, I never used such delicate, soothing one my skin. It keeps it moisturized the whole night bas7a ala2y weshy very very soft, not to mention it’s reasonable price to the quantity and quality. Definitely will not be my last.

  12. إسراء (verified owner)

    ترطيبه حلو أوي ومبيسبش أثر دهني وخفيف على البشرة

  13. Reem

    المرطب تحفه و حسيت بفرق كبير مع الاستخدام و مش تقيل على البشره خالص

  14. Aya (verified owner)

    المرطب رهيب جميل جدا رغم انى بشرتى دهنيه ولكنمش بيسيب اثر دهنى بيرطب بعمق وبحس انه بيعمل جلو حلو اوى للبشره

  15. Nour Ehab

    It’s actually really Moisturizing, i was scared of it being light and not really that great. It is lightweight on the skin BUT it doest the job. Moisturizes and gives off that glowy skin look.

  16. Maryaam (verified owner)

    The best moisturizer I have ever used in my life. It gives the skin health and vitality and rebuilds the skin barrier. Literally amazing.

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