Why Ceramides Should Be Your Skin’s Best Friend

You can take care of your skin with lots of cosmetics and skincare products, but if you want to keep your dull and aged skin plump, hydrated, young and healthy, you really need the zest of them. The top 7 benefits of ceramides for skin make this ingredient an essential part of the skincare routine. 

Well, your skin cells know the importance of these very well. Ceramides are one of the important lipids of skin along with fatty acids and cholesterol. These are found in major quantities (50%) in the skin. In the epidermis, the top layer of the skin plays important roles for forming lamellar phases and maintaining barrier functions. 

Benefits of Ceramide For Skin

1) Maintains skin integrity

Proper skin integrity is very essential to keep skin healthy. Skin is vulnerable to breakdown, injury and damage if the skin integrity is not firm and healthy. So, to get a resilient skin, adequate ceramide levels in the skin are important. 

But, How do they help maintain skin integrity?

Ceramides aid in holding the cells present in the epidermis and maintaining the knits of the intercellular matrix. Altogether, it helps to reform skin integrity.

2) Prevents transepidermal water loss

Transepidermal water loss is the loss of water from the body to outside through the epidermis. This loss occurs when the skin gets damaged. All this evaporates the moisture from the skin, due to which skin gets dehydrated, dry and irritated. 

Ceramides help to prevent this water loss and aid in skin hydration. They in conjugation with other skin lipids help to form ordered aligned structures and these ordered alignments of lipids aids in preventing transepidermal water loss. Thereby, this improves skin hydration and treats dry skin. 

3) Balances the skin moisturization 

Skin moisturization is really very important to look pretty, fresh and radiant. But due to our hectic schedule and environmental factors, our skin starts losing its hydration and moisturization. 

Ceramides along with retaining water loss, retain moisture. In turn, skin gets its charm back.

4) Prevents acne breakouts

Around 40-50 million people suffer from the problem of acne, worldwide. The problem of acne really affects people’s self-esteem. There are many reasons behind the breakout and one of them is the lower ceramide 3 content in the skin. 

Their adequate content helps to improve skin barrier function in acne-prone skin. Thereby it aids in reducing the further breakouts and helps to clear the skin. 

5) Improves skin barrier function

 As we read earlier, ceramides are an important constituent of upper skin. The lamellar sheets present in the upper layer of skin are really helpful in maintaining skin barrier function and by keeping that lamellar sheets up to date aids in improving the skin barrier function.

This functionality of skin is very important to keep skin healthy and keep it away from harmful extrinsic factors. It keeps skin hydrated, helps in preventing transepidermal water loss and maintaining the moisture content especially in sensitive skin.

6) Reduces skin inflammation

Ceramides by improving skin moisturization and hydration help to improve the condition of irritated or inflamed skin. It reduces the dryness and aids in reducing the itching and redness. 

7) Rejuvenates aging skin

Yes, there is no second thought that ceramides are important to keep skin young and radiant. 

They significantly reduce the wrinkles and fine lines by improving the skin barrier function, structural conformation of skin and maintaining lipid content of the skin. 

However, due to the continual interaction with harmful environmental factors like UV radiations and pollutants along with improper skin care, the natural ceramide content of the skin sometimes gets imbalanced. There we need them from the outer source, in the form of potent skincare products along with other skincare regimens.

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